Fish for a Good Cause Challenge

February 6th, 2024|Your Trial Message|

By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm: In my work, I get to watch many attorneys go through the practical rituals of jury selection. A big part of the job is looking for, setting up, and executing challenges for cause when there are reasons to doubt potential jurors’ ability to be fair in following the law and the […]

Powerful PowerPoint Presentation Tips: Ditch the Bullet Points!

February 6th, 2024|The Litigation Consulting Report (A2L Consulting)|

Discover why using bullet points in PowerPoint presentations can hinder your ability to persuade and learn powerful tips to enhance your presentations. The Problem with Bullet Points: How They Kill Persuasion Bullet points have long been a staple of PowerPoint presentations. However, their overuse can actually hurt your ability to persuade and engage your judge/jury. Bullet points are often used as a crutch, allowing presenters to simply read off the slide instead of creating a compelling narrative. This can lead to a lack of connection with the judge and jury and a diminished impact of your message. Additionally, bullet points

10 Reasons Why Your Trial Consultant Should Draft Your Opening Statement

January 31st, 2024|The Litigation Consulting Report (A2L Consulting)|

As a trial attorney, your opening statement is one of the most crucial parts of your case. We wrote a book about opening statements and offered webinars about opening statements. The opening statement sets the tone for the entire trial and can make or break your case. That's why it's so important to get it right. One way to ensure that your opening statement is effective is to enlist the help of a trial consultant. Here are 10 reasons why you should ask your trial consultant to write a draft, maybe only the first draft, of your opening statement. 1.

The Art of Building Successful Cause Challenges

January 24th, 2024|The Sound Jury Library (Sound Jury Consulting)|

One piece of advice for building a successful cause challenge – take it a step (or two) further than you think is necessary. One venue where this lesson is especially important is in Arizona courts, where beginning January 1, 2022, there are no longer peremptory challenges – only cause challenges. The courts of course made this change to eliminate attorney bias and to create a jury pool that more closely reflects the community. Thus, the only way to remove a juror is to establish they cannot assess the case even-handedly and to excuse them for cause. I recently selected a

Keep Your Cool in the Courtroom

January 23rd, 2024|Your Trial Message|

By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm: Last week, the once and potentially future President of the United States was threatened with ejection from a courtroom because he could not control his verbal and non-verbal responses to the proceedings. As reported in the New York Times, Donald Trump was sitting in a Manhattan courtroom as a jury heard […]