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It’s always interesting to go back and see what our readers found most noteworthy during the year. In the Top 10 (presented today and on Thursday) you will see some serious posts based on research findings with application to your work. You will also see not so serious posts that have attracted your attention. Enjoy!

Post No. 10: Steady eye contact can make it hard to think! 

We like to reference pop culture when it’s relevant (and even when it’s not sometimes) to help you take in the lesson in the research highlighted. This one references the TV show Friends (but only for the illustration gracing the post).

Post No. 9: Say it isn’t so!!! Most of us lie routinely.

This is one of two posts on deception (or lying) that made it into our Top 10. We all hate to be lied to and apparently, many of us like to learn possible ways to avoid that happening!

Post No. 8: Pique and the panhandler

Persuasion strategies are everywhere. We just have to look–sometimes when at a stoplight.

Post No. 7: Yes. It’s true. Somebody’s watching you. Constantly. 

Sometimes social sciences research informs. Other times it amuses. This time–it might just frighten you. But on the bright side, it will also make you more vigilant.

Post No. 6: There is so very much deception research. That means there are lots of liars out there…

Something happened in the past year or so and the pace of research being published on deception increased. We will not hazard a guess as to why that happened–just be comforted in knowing we are still here to keep you informed on all the ways people will try to lie to you (and others).

Come back Thursday to see Part 2 of this post. Several of our own favorites are in that post.

Image [Note: This image has nothing to do with our blog posts but we thought you might want to be reminded what we were all most afraid of in 2017.]