Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 9—Employ the Springboard Method

December 10, 2018 Jeffrey T. Frederick, Ph.D. Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 9—Employ the Springboard Method             So far, our Tips series has focused on setting the stage for effective voir dire (Tip 1; Tip

Top 10 Travel Tips for Road Warriors

At our recent all-firm meeting, the topic of travel came up; not surprising, given that most of our team covers a lot of ground each year.  Soon enough, we all began sharing our favorite travel tips, and were pleased to discover a few that even our hardened LI “road warriors” hadn’t heard of. 

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Expect Anti-Corporate Attitudes to Persist and Grow

By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm:  Rhetorically, a focus on enemies is pretty important. Sometimes they’re invented, and sometimes they’re based on a fundamental truth that is then enhanced and exaggerated. In terms of our concepts and

Understand Your Jurors’ Online Reality

By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm: The idea of a courtroom trial is that it is a sealed system. The fact-finders arrive in a neutral state of mind, they receive and review only what is vetted and

The Similarities Between Jury Trials and Auditions on ‘The Voice’ – and a Key Difference

In a recent post here, I confessed my guilty pleasure: watching NBC’s hit reality singing competition, ‘The Voice.’ But I also acknowledged my frustration over the format: too much inconsequential fluff that’s got nothing to

Ease over Accuracy: Why “Yeah, but…” Defense Tend to Fail

By Thomas M. O’Toole, Ph.D. The “law of least effort” is an important principle for understanding jury decision-making. In short, if there are several ways of making sense of the evidence and testimony in a

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