Account for Social Exclusion in Employment and Whistle-blower Cases

By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm: There is often something distinctive about the person bringing a case. Whether they are the victim in a discrimination or harassment case, a whistle-blower in an employment case, or a number

In the United States, “hate is geographical” 

We try to keep up with how jurors in various locales vary in attitudes and beliefs. Sometimes that leads us to unlikely places such as a professional publication titled the Annals of the American Association

Disconfirming Stereotypes

Many people, including those who should know better, use stereotypes as a basis for making important decisions. Although, by definition, stereotypes can contain “a kernel of truth” (according to Dr. Gordon Allport, who coined the

Gender Balance in Workplace Management? Yes, it really does matter!

We came across this study and thought it was a perfect example of how paying attention to gender balance in management can positively influence your corporate bottom line. And, this infographic summary communicates a LOT

Know Your Venue: Polling Still Works

By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm: Legal persuaders who want to know their venue are interested in polls. They keep a finger on the national pulse, and especially on the way that pulse is registering at the

How Johnny Depp Can Sell Jurors on Fiduciary Duty in His Lawsuit Against TMG

By Thomas M. O’Toole, Ph.D. Last year, famed actor Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against his management company for professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and unjust enrichment among other things, essentially claiming that his

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