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The older I get, the more I choose to spend time with nice people and the less time I choose to spend with mean people. My philosophy has evolved to include family members, spouses of family members, friends, spouses of friends, and clients. Even though clients, unlike the other categories of people I have listed, are paying me to spend time with them, I limit the time I spend with clients to those who conduct themselves in a professional manner, who treat my staff and me with respect, and who value my role on their trial team. I am not an attorney and as a result, I cannot engage in the telling of “war stories??? many of my clients use when interacting with one another. My opinions are derived from scientific research and as such, are often vastly different from the opinions of my clients. When my clients and I have differing opinions, most of them attempt to understand the basis for my opinion because, after all, the reason they have hired me is to obtain my objective evaluation of their case from my, not their, perspective. A few clients, however, have turned a situation involving our differing opinions into a battle. And, not just any battle, but a battle they intend to win at all costs. On the occasions when my staff or I have been bullied, badgered, screamed at, cursed at, or otherwise victimized by a client, we finish the job for which we are being paid as professionally as possible. Then, the next time this client contacts us, we politely decline the opportunity to work for him/her again. Saying “no thanks??? to an abusive client is, for me, an absolute requirement for maintaining my mental and physical health.