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Well, another year, another quirky greeting from your friends at Barnes & Roberts! This year we celebrate the awkward family photo with a nod to the fine folks at Olin Mills who, for many decades, were the gold standard of awkwardness. Only the artistic geniuses at Olin could have given the world the amazing floating-head-double-exposure.

Oh, Holiday Sweaters? Yeah, we’ve got those. I know, the royal family got out in front of us with the release of their own card, but we’ve still got plenty of style going on up there and I’m sure we’ll break the internet when this thing goes viral! Besides, I think we are a lot more natural than Queen E at being awkward.

The queen may have her corgies (and we all know why), but we’ve got cats. Lots of cats. How many cats? That’s like asking how many mustaches or how many arms – it gets tricky. Take a closer look here for some Photoshop fun then check here to see if you spotted all of our little jokes.

Then we wrapped the entire thing in an Instagram post. #justforkicks

As always, thank you for your support this past year. We’ve enjoyed working with you. You are part of our larger family – our squad –  and we genuinely wish you all the best this holiday season and throughout the coming year.


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