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I like courthouses. I also like libraries and art museums, but this post is about courthouses. In my career as a jury/trial consultant, I have spent countless days, hours, and minutes in courthouses, from Alaska to Florida. When I am working with attorneys during the jury selection process in trials, the courthouse and its courtrooms are my “office away from office.” Having had ample opportunity to sit on the uncomfortable benches located in most courthouse hallways while waiting for attorneys, judges, and jurors, I have often wondered why I am so comfortable in courthouses. Unlike most people I know, who view courthouses as dreary, institutionalized places they avoid at all costs, I look forward to going to courthouses, both when working with a client and when accompanying David on his photographic quests. (Magnus published a Courthouses of Florida calendar for 20 years and David has a Courthouses of Florida website that showcases his beautiful photos.) At the time of this writing, my most recent jury selection was in Pinellas County, Florida. The jury selection process was completed late, after most of the courthouse staff had gone home for the evening, leaving me to wander, alone, through the normally bustling hallways. That’s when it came to me: The reason I like courthouses and have always been comfortable inside them is that my dad, whom I adored, worked in the Lee County, Florida, courthouse. Dad was the Lee County Parks and Recreation Director and, for most of my childhood, his office was on the first floor of the County Administration Building, attached to the courthouse. I loved going to visit my dad at the courthouse. I loved being one of only two people in the courthouse at night, after closing, when Dad had to stop by his office for a few minutes at the request of a County Commissioner. I loved the linoleum floors, especially after they were polished. What fun it was to run down the long halls! When I enter a courthouse these days, to perform my job on behalf of my clients, I feel as if I am at home; I know, approximately, where most things are located; I know to introduce myself to the bailiffs, above everyone else; and I know I am, like my dad, doing important work that can only be done in one place, the courthouse. Yes, I do like courthouses!