Source of article 2's Company - Magnus Insights.

Clients are people too.  I repeat, clients are people too.  This may seem obvious to the astute reader, however, there have been many occasions on which I have had to remind my staff to treat our clients like people, instead of merely treating them like clients.  Magnus’ clients are high powered attorneys, insurance adjusters, risk managers, and other executives.  Our clients are paying us handsomely to help them with the challenges they face in their high stakes litigation.  The lawsuits for which my company is retained range from multi millions to multi billions of dollars.  Often, our clients are nervous about working with us, including presenting their case to a room full of mock jurors or other research participants.  There are a multitude of things that can, and do, go wrong on any given research day.  Tension and stress are usually at maximum levels.  I have learned that common courtesy, good manners, and kindness go a long way in easing our clients’ stress and in making them more comfortable doing what they need to do to benefit our mutual client (the plaintiff or defendant in the lawsuit we are testing in our research).  Often, asking a client if he/she would like a glass of water, or complimenting him on his tie, or complimenting her on her shoes, or making “small talk” about where he/she went to law school breaks the ice and humanizes my staff and me in ways that cannot be accomplished via other means.  Many of Magnus’ employees are dutifully engaged in performing the technical aspects of their jobs to the point they forget to pay attention to our clients, who may have spilled a drink on their table or who may be having difficulty using their computer during their presentation or who may be nervously pacing the floor.  David and I frequently remind new hires to introduce themselves, to speak with all of our clients and above all, to be friendly, thereby acknowledging them as people first, and clients second. As Glen Campbell famously sang, “try a little kindness.” A little kindness goes a long way!