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4 Pitches – 4 Home Runs

In the past year, Barnes & Roberts won every case it tried in Marshall, Texas, the most notorious patent docket in the country. Even Ted Williams batted only .400!

Mobile Telecommunications Technologies v. HTC- Defense win
Genband v. Metaswitch Networks Ltd., et al.- Plaintiff win
Metaswitch Networks Ltd., et al. v. Genband- Defense win
ContentGuard Holdings, Inc. v. Google- Defense win

Barnes & Roberts specializes in high-stakes litigation, explaining complex subject matter, and giving you our complete commitment to victory. Barnes & Roberts can help you try your next case whether it involves software, networking, and computer hardware, complex shareholder claims, or products liability on medical devices. Of course, we also win cases in Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, California, Washington, Oregon, and all over Texas.

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