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At A2L Consulting, we have been providing trial technicians (also known as hot-seat operators) to help our clients display materials at trial since the 1990s. The role of a trial technician is a unique one. These men and women routinely work late nights during a trial to ensure that they are totally prepared for whatever can arise.

As we have said elsewhere on this blog, the ideal hot-seat operator must have a very close working relationship with the lead trial attorney and with the other team members, must have a calm demeanor in case he or she is called upon with no notice to provide something critical for the trial, and must have an understanding of the thousands of documents that will inevitably be involved in any trial. Most importantly, he or she must be able to make the trial presentation appear to be seamless and flawless.

We have seen instances in which opposing counsel, or their hot-seat operator, stumbled in one respect or another – and their credibility took a dive. We have written in articles like What a Great “Hot Seat Operator” Can Add to a Trial Team and 12 Tips to Hire the Right Trial Technician for Your Trial about the ideal qualities for a hot-seat operator. We’ve even released a free book on the topic called How To Find and Use Trial Technicians and Trial Technology. Click here to download it.

One thing that we perhaps have not discussed as much as we should is that a great hot-seat operator must, from the beginning, become totally conversant with the technology available in the specific courtroom in which he or she will be working. And there are substantial differences: Some courtrooms have expensive, built-in technology that is state of the art. Some will have excellent technology – if this were the year 2003. Some have no technology at all. It is the responsibility of the trial team, and of the hot-seat operator above all, to design an appropriate, modern technology set-up for the courtroom that will serve the paramount goal of persuading the jury.

Below we have prepared what should be a very useful directory of the technology available in the 90 federal district courts across the nation and we have linked to each of the courts’ websites.

If you browse through this directory, you will find that some courts offer detailed information about the technology that they house, all the way down to the name and location of each cable. Very often, the court’s website will include information about what technology from outside the courtroom you will be allowed to bring in for the purpose of supplementing what’s already there.

Some courts’ websites contain pictures of exactly what technology is available in the courtroom. But in some courts, there’s a need to actually file a motion with the court to ask the court to be specific about the use of technology. In some courts, there are audiovisual specialists who can assist the trial team with technology. A small minority of courts offer little or no information about courtroom technology. There, it’s a necessity to call the clerk’s office, which is, in any case, something that we advise everyone to do in every court.

Court URL to technology page
Alabama Middle
Alabama Northern Contact the Clerk’s office
Alabama Southern
Arkansas Eastern Contact the Clerk’s office
Arkansas Western Contact the Clerk’s office
California Central
California Eastern
California Northern
California Southern
District of Columbia
Florida Middle
Florida Northern Contact the Clerk’s office
Florida Southern
Georgia Middle
Georgia Northern
Georgia Southern Contact the Clerk’s office
Guam Contact the Clerk’s office
Hawaii Contact the Clerk’s office
Illinois Central
Illinois Northern
Illinois Southern
Indiana Northern
Indiana Southern
Iowa Northern
Iowa Southern
Kentucky Eastern
Kentucky Western
Louisiana Eastern
Louisiana Middle
Louisiana Western
Michigan Eastern
Michigan Western
Mississippi Northern
Mississippi Southern
Missouri Eastern
Missouri Western
Nevada Contact the Clerk’s office
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico(link is external)
New York Eastern
New York Northern
New York Southern
New York Western
North Carolina Eastern
North Carolina Middle
North Carolina Western
North Dakota Contact the Clerk’s office
Contact the Clerk’s office
Ohio Northern
Ohio Southern
Oklahoma Eastern
Oklahoma Northern
Oklahoma Western
Pennsylvania Eastern
Pennsylvania Middle
Pennsylvania Western
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island Contact the Clerk’s office
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee Eastern
Tennessee Middle
Tennessee Western
Texas Eastern
Texas Northern
Texas Southern
Texas Western
Virgin Islands
Virginia Eastern
Virginia Western
Washington Eastern
Washington Western
West Virginia Northern
West Virginia Southern
Wisconsin Eastern
Wisconsin Western

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